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Re: Bike Rack Alternative...

There's an alternative use for a tow hitch:
I use it as an 'idiot bumper' for those who insist on tailgating me. When I
brake I know the @#$% tailgating idiot is going to run into the tow hitch.
My 'damage' will probably be limited to a crooked tow hitch cap, the other
guy will have to pick his bumper out of his radiator, piece by piece. BTDT
(I had no damage, but the other car's (Volvo 245) front end was reduced to
scrap). I agree that a tow hitch on an Audi looks like sh*t, but hey, you
can even perhaps use it for towing a trailer some day...

1988 80 1.8S FWD

PS I also use it for a bike rack. A little easier on your roof, perhaps
better for aerodynamics (?) but certainly easier to put the bikes on
without damaging your precious car. Con: hard to get into the trunk without
removing the bikes.

An alternative to roof mounting and those "strap on" trunk carriers, is a
rack called "Hike-a-bike". I've used this on the back of my motorhome. To use
it you must mount a tow hitch under the bumper. I know the appearance of a
tow hitch on an Audi is not appealing, but for some, it may be easier to use
than lifting bikes onto the roof. The carrier slides into the hitch, is heavy
duty, and can carry FOUR bikes.

If anyone wants their phone#, e-mail me and I'll dig it up.

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