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Keep a look out in the UK

Its a long time since I was on/posted to this list, but basically Im back 
in Audi land.
Anyway, basically Im in the market for a Coupe Quattro Turbo in the 
United Kingdom and Ive been monitoring the following web sites:


and have a good idea of how much these things are going for. 

One I have found is of particular interest to me:

Including reg No 9832 MV, low mileage, vgc. 

One of the first ever ones made, which the owner claims was first owned 
by Audi UK, who coverted it to right hand drive when they brought it into 
the UK. Its supposed to of covered 80,000 miles, but has no service history 
(which is the killer). 
I might go take a look anyway, if I can get the price down a bit, then 
its worth buying because I can always get the engine rebuilt if it goes bang.

But if you live in the UK, and know of a qt for sale, which is 
in good nick, reliable, and has some kind of service history 
with it, could you please let me know. Ive got the last week 
off in August to go buy one :-)

One of the digital dash models, with the talking computer 
would be nice, as long as it not really over 7-8K, but Im considering any 
of them to be honest. 

Many thanks.              

Tel: 01430 431557 (eve/wkdns)

Michael Burton
PA Data Design, The Bishops Manor,
Howden, East Yorkshire. England. DN14 7BL. Tel: 01430 431100