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High Altitude Turbo Bar Question


I live and drive my '87 5KCSTQW at about 5500' or more in the Ft. Collins 
and surrounding areas in Colorado. The most I've ever seen my turbo boost 
go on the dash display is 1.1 bar.

I was wondering if this might be just a function of the atltitude. I was 
wondering what others at altitude have experienced.

Here is a bit more info which might help:

1. When I turn the car on, after (or before?) it says OK, it ususally says 
the boost is at .7 or .8.

2. In normal driving, the display shows .3 up to 1.0 when I'm climbing a 
hill or accelerating.

Two (or three) associated questions:

1. Is it possible the display is not showing accurate reading? My MPG 
display usually shows I get 4-5 MORE MPG than I actually get.

2. Where and how might I begin to look/listen for leaks?

3. Any other thoughts?

Thanks again to all,

Paul Levine
Ft. Collins CO