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Crazy weather (extr. low Audi content)

Hi fellow Audians<

Just thought I'd share my experience with the weather conditions over here
with y'all:

We've had a lousy summer so far: generally, it should be fair about now
with temps in the mid-twenties (celsius) but we've only had about two weeks
of that, and not even continuous. Rain, clouds, mid-teens temp. But last
weekend was great: 30 degrees, sunny, no wind... it had to come to an end.

Yesterday evening, just as I was driving home on the highway, it started to
get a bit darker. Extremely dark actually, like night (usually at 10 PM
instead of 6 PM). Then there was thunder & lightning- and a HAILSTORM! It's
supposed to be summer! Outside temp went down about ten degrees in two
minutes. The hail pellets were about 2in in diameter, I've *never* seen
them that big! I was extremely grateful for leaving my beautiful Audi at
home that day and taking the ratty company Opel diesel van- the hail left
some nasty dents! The hailstorm and rain were really bad, I could see only
10 yds in front of me. Switched on my high beams and rear fog light, slowed
down to 15 mph. I couldn't even stop, because there were cars on the side
of the road everywhere. There were lots of people trying to cover their
broken windscreens, putting things over their cars for keeping them from
getting dented... boy, that sure was some experience. There was a beautiful
1992 Audi coupe, but the lucky owner had secured a place under a flyover.

The following morning a local body shop had discovered a novel way of
advertising: they'd simply put an extremely dented hood up on the road side
(Mercedes C, I think) with the text *HAIL?* and their phone# all over it.
Very effective!

I was lucky to discover BTW that the hail storm had missed the place where
my Audi was parked. The Opel has acquired a few dents in the process, but
because nobody ever washes it, no-one will notice. The weather Gods aren't
related to the Audi Gods, methinks! I've since heard about some cars being
declared total loss because of the damage caused by the hail storm. Time to
check my insurance policy...

Sorry for the waste of bandwidth, but I had to relate this awesome experience!

Bye, Tom

1988 80 1.8S FWD

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