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RE: wastgate valve for S4

Subject: Re: wastegate valve for S4

>I just got an E-mail regarding a valve for the S4 that keeps full
>boost(overboost?) at less than full throttle. Said to increase
>driveability(?) Costs $100. Any suggestions? Is this worth doing, especially
>considering I have Ned's IA3 ECU mod. Any downsides to this? 
>Also, in this engine, is it worth going from K&N filter to removing airbox
>and replacing it with K&N cone ?

I am also very interested in what you find out.   I currently have the K&N
Flat filter and am considering going to the cone but am not sure of the
benefits.  I am at a high altitude (Denver) and have experienced some power
loss at full throttle in my 92 S4.   Though the cone may help.   Also, what
specific performance gains do you get from the $100 wastgate valve?

Tim Miller
92 S4