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Re: Strut mount merry-go-round

On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Chris Newbold wrote:

> While trying to diagnose some front-end shimmy a couple of
> weeks ago, I wound up at an independent Audi/VW specialist...
> With the car up on the lift, the mechanic showed me that there
> was free play in the front suspension. The front wheels could
> be shifted between 1/8" - 1/4" fore and aft by grabbing and
> tugging. The shop proclaimed worn strut mounts.
> Since I'm still under warantee, I took the car to my local
> dealer and asked them to check it out and replace the mounts
> if there was any sign of wear. The dealer pronounced the
> strut mounts in good condition and not worn. They said that
> this free play was normal for Audi/VW front ends when on 
> a lift (i.e. not loaded).
> So, who's fooling who here?
> The car is a 1993 90CS; it has strut *mounts* (rubber
> doohickies, I think) not strut *bearings*, like 1980s
> 5000/100/200s.
> -Chris
I had the same problem you have and I just had it fixed.  My front end
would shimmy very badly.  The steering wheel would vibrate.  I thought my
tires needed balancing so I took it in to the local Discount Tire and I
told them the problem.  They put my car on the lift and wiggle my tires.
The wiggled pretty bad which would explain the vibration.  I noticed some
worn bushings.  What the problem was was worn out A-arm bushings.  There
are 4 of them, 2 to a side.  The parts are cheap and it takes about 3
hours, depending on how hard it is to take the old ones out.  Good luck :)

Nathan Belo

NW Region Quattro Club

'88 90 Quattro, Eibach Springs, Ronal R8 15x6 w/Dunlop SP Sport 4000
205/50 ZR M&S, Sachs/Boge Turbo Gas Shocks