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Looking for Mr. Worship Manual

Does anyone have experience with alternative manuals for '92/later cars, 
such as Haynes, Autobooks, etc.?

I purchased the three-volume set of '91 200 Bently manuals which are 
generally useful but specifically wrong for my S4 in many places.  I talked 
to Max at Imparts who says there is no Bently manual for my '92 S4.  Any 
suggestions where I can get a decent workshop manual for this car?  I assume 
that the dealer mechanics are looking at something?

Thanks for the feedback

Doug Haley
 -'92 S4 (mine)
 -'95 Saab Convertible (hers)
 -'61 Alfa Giulietta Spyder (ours)

"There is no fundamental difference between a sufficiently advanced 
technology and magic" A.C.Clarke