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Re: Exhaust Manifold

     If you are looking at replacing the exhaust manifold on your '87 CSTQ I can 
     suggest a couple of options. You could replace it with a two piece 
     manifold, in addition to better flow there is less stress between the 
     manifold and the head reducing the chance of breaking studs and cracking 
     the manifold.
     Or you could purchase one of the exhaust manifolds advertised by Dialynx 
     they have a full page ad in this months Audi/VW magazine. Apparently 
     Dialynx have been working on an ur-quattro replacement manifold for the 
     last two years. I am assuming that the manifold will be compatible with 
     your '87 CSTQ, a call to Aelred at Dialynx can probably clear this up. If 
     you would like a copy of the ad give me your fax number.
     Usual disclaimers apply; and I know a bunch of list members who are/were 
     doing a group purchase of wastegate diaphrams are less than happy with 
     Dialynx... On the up side there are a whole lot of list members (including 
     yours truly) who would be very interetested in an honest evaluation of the 
     Dialynx exhaust manifold.
     Regards, Mike
     Toronto, Ontario.