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Re: Keep a look out in the UK

   i'd personnally be very careful with older ur-q's without a full serv=
   ice history.  a full engine rebuild
   could cost you 1/2 as much as you paid for the car!

Actually, I'd double your number. But then again, that's new head (the
old one's cracked, might as well replace it while it's convenient),
upgraded S4 (RS2, whatever) turbo (the old one's dead, and even if it's
not technically dead, it sux, might as well replace it while it's
convenient), all the rubber is cracked, etc., and so forth.

Then you'll hit the magic "1/2 as much" is replacing all the bizillion
rubber suspension mounts, sub-frame mounts, framelette mounts, bushings,
and what not.

Then you'll have a hell of a car again.

Then you can start on the wheels, the paint, the stereo, the . . .

But hey, anything worth doing is worth doing to excess!

   the early quattro's will be classics, but i'd look for one with a ful=
   l service history, and then be=20
   prepared to spend money on it.  unless the engine has been really wel=
   l treated don't expect it to
   do more than 100K miles without a re-build (at least the top end/ring=
   s/big ends).  turbo's coke
   up and you may see some rust (unusual).

See above . . .

My $15,000 (roughly speaking) 's worth.