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Wheel weights, alignment and springs

< The tire machine next door has a setting (called "Metric") which allows one
< weight centered inside an alloy wheel to balance it instead of inside and
< outside weights.  I've used this and while you don't get such a perfectly
< smooth start, the weights stay on...

< I have a set of wheel covers with oooo logo for 14" steel rims kicking
< around...

1)  My steel rims are 15 inch so I can't use your 14 inch covers. Does
anyone                     think that 15 inch wheels have any advantages
over the 14inch wheels on a
1988 90Q or is it just psychological?

2)  I had a 4 wheel alignment when I went to 15 inch pressed steel wheels.
Is it necessary to re-align if swap back to the 14 inch aluminum wheels
(with no alteration to the suspension) ?

3)  How can you tell when you need new coil springs on the 1988 90Q? The
90Q has 101,000 miles. I have had weird tire wear and only when the front
alignment was set way off spec did I get decent tire life. Is this a sign
of coil death?

4)  If I should replace the coil springs which make would be recommended as
a replacement for rural roads? I don't want it so stiff that it would be
unbearable. I want something close to the original or perhaps slightly