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right now the temp outside is in the mid 40's celsius, and on some of the
mountain climbs here<30km of steep climbing> my poor old 4ks has had a
tendency to overheat. it does so fairly rapidly and then may just as quickly
run normally. i checked the fan and it was working, so i suspected the
thermostat. after letting the engine cool, i drained the antifreeze and went
to undo the two bolts holding the thermostat housing. the first one broke
off <oh rats> i was only using a 1/4" drive. the second one was easy to
remove. after a bit of a fight i managed to free the housing and remove the
thermostat and rubber seal. i looked with dismay at the broken bolt stub and
for no reason at all tried to turn it with my fingers. WOW.........it
unscrewed. obviously my purchase of the 5kcdtq has satified the audi gods. i
just thought you should know.
4ks x2
lada 1600
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