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Re: Thoughts on QCUSA...

> If QCUSA is really serious about fixing the board, election and =
> financial disclosure problems and issues they should take a serious look =
> at SCCA and how they operate. I do not recall if SCCA is for-profit or =
> non-profit, but they seem to do an *excellent* job with the board and =
> elections and complete financial disclosure in detail. There should be =
> no need for QCUSA to re-invent the wheel here. QCUSA would do well to =
> emulate SCCA with respect to these issues.....

Well, there are some who criticize the way the "Secret Car Club of America"
operates as well, especially with regard to SCCA Enterprises, which is the
for-profit (they wish...) subsidiary that makes and sells Spec Racers.

Although I didn't mention it in my previous post, I suggested to Susan that
they look into how the BMW CCA does things as a good example of how to keep
most of QCUSA's members happy most of the time...

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