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Re: Emission Test Failed! Help!

> Emission Test Failed! Help!
> Ok, I'm not very good at diagnostics.  I have a problem with the V8 I need
> help with.  It failed the emissions test here yesterday.  The Oregon State
> standards are 220 ppm maximum hydrocarbosn (HC), 1% maximum carbon monoxide
> (CO), and 6% minimum CO + CO2 at two engine speeds:  idle (~ 900 rpm) and
> 2500 rpm.
> Our V8 got:
> engine speed          HC ppm max            CO (%) max          CO +CO2 (%)
> 901                    396                   2.63                    16.2
> 2323                   213                   0.85                    15.6
> Does anyone have an idea of where I should start?  I've never had a car that
> was this far out of specs.  No wonder we get less than 20 mpg!
> TIA.
> Regards,
> John Karasaki

Don't know too much about why this is happening, but I would definitely say it
was something with the fuel injection system. It's suppose to maintain a 13.7?
to 1 air to fuel ratio to maintain optimium performance (or should I say
emmissions?). It could very well be an input to the fuel injection system has
gone bad. Some of the inputs I know: coolant temp, O2 sensor, throttle position,
air pressure, engine speed?, A/C on or off, well, I know there's a couple more.

Did you just replace your O2 sensor, if so, did you use an OEM sensor to replace



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