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Re: 4000 turbo quattro in Texas

On Jul 25, 12:20am, William Draeger wrote:
> Subject: Re: 4000 turbo quattro in Texas
> John,
> Hope you are talking an engine swap and not a turbo bolt-on for Rich.
> Turbo engines have lower compression heads (hence the "turbo lag" as
> they have less HP than a standard engine before turbo kicks in). I 
> heard some new car manufacturers (Saab) are using Low Pressure Turbos
> (LPT's) to eliminate the need for this. Actually have been fantasizing
> about a bolt-on of two LPT's for my '90 V8Q (once the extended 
> expires). Have you heard of anyone getting this done?
No, but I've heard of someone taking a turbo and
mainfold off of a say 81 5000T and putting it on a 4000S
with minor mods and getting 20+ HP this is what I would
like to do, I just want some sort of boost! 100HP
Sux! But... I still love my Audi. My friend won't race me in
his RX7 anymore (he's tires of losing) I think he doesn't know
how to race (actually I know!) But that's ok it makes my car look
better when I beat him!

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