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RE: Audi/VW magazine (was Exhaust Manifold)

>      Michael,
>      If you are looking at replacing the exhaust manifold on your '87 CSTQ I
>      suggest a couple of options. You could replace it with a two piece 
>      manifold, in addition to better flow there is less stress between the 
>      manifold and the head reducing the chance of breaking studs and cracking 
>      the manifold.
>      Or you could purchase one of the exhaust manifolds advertised by Dialynx 
>      they have a full page ad in this months Audi/VW magazine. Apparently 

Where does one find Audi/VW magazine in the US?  I never seen it at newstands,
even ones that have a very large selection of magazines.  I've tried numerous
places in the Baltimore/DC area and also Tower and B&N in Seattle.

Mark Hilbush
Baltimore, MD
87 4KCSQ