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Re: 4000Q dash

> There was a recent post about getting at things behind the dash of
> a 90Q.  I have the same need for a 4000Q.  A few instrument bulbs
> are out and the odometer is dead.  Need advice on how to gain access
> back there.  Thanks.
> Gene.
> '86 4000Q

Gene, there are 4 screws in the trim bezel around the gauge cluster. 2 
under the top edge and 2 under the bottom. Remove these and then you will 
be able to pull off the cover that goes around the top and sides.
 Then pull the gauge cluster out, but be careful of the speedometer 
cable, you can break the clip on it real easily. I doubt you'll have to 
pull the steering wheel, you should be able to get the cluster past the 
wheel without too much trouble.

After it's out, all of the bulbs will be accessible from the back side, 
they're all in black holders.

Hope this helps,
--Todd Candey