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RE: RE: High Altitude Turbo Bar Question

>>Also the Check Engine light will come on at times when the
>>hesitation occurs.   The car has the TAP Chip
>I'm not touching this one.........
>>Eric Fletcher

>Hahaha!  Well Eric, you MAY comment, just be cool about it.  ;) 



I knew this would get a rise from both of you based on some of the prior TAP
comments.     I purchased the car with the TAP chip already installed.  I
have spoken with IBER at TAP and he seemed very knowledgable, but I am also
very uneducated in this area.   He recommended I check the bottom intercooler
hose for breaks and to also look at going to the K&N cone filter.  I have not
done either of these yet, but it appears to be the best advice I have
received to date.   Once I look into these solutions I will let you know if
he was right.
92 S4