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Re: '87 5KCSTQW Coolant Question

> All right you phosphate-free Audi aficionados.
> It will not be as spectacularly fast as doing more or less the same thing
> with a lump of sodium and some water, but the end result is similar.  The
> aluminum ends up dissolving in the water.  
> Oooooops - there goes the aluminum block and all other aluminum parts
> exposed to coolant.
> Sorry folks, the retired chemistry professor in me took over.  Back to my
> more normal "duh?" state.

But the real point is that the phosphates will have bad effects on the heater
core. It fouls the heat transfer surface of the inner tube, and you'll get
reduced/no heat sooner or later. Probably won't notice until winter.

To prevent any long term effects, I recommend that you drain your coolant and
refil with phosphate free stuff. You won't have any problems then.


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