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Re: Ned's mod for '91 200Q 20V turbo

>>I have a 91 200Q 20v Engine code 3B - do we have the same engine?? If
>>so, I will be curious to see the reply. So, how does an S4 run with Neds
>>mods? I had heard that I could get the wastegate spring and "chip" from
>>him for about $700 - is this ballpark as far as you know?

For your car Ned lists his ECU stage 3 mod as 2.5 Bar boost for 274HP at
$895. He expressedly states that "20V turbo modifications are done without a
wastegate spring to maintain engine safety."
Ned's mod was very noticable, with one he** of a kick in the a** at 4500RPM
if you nail the throttle at that RPM. Pinned to the leather was what it felt
like in 2nd gear the first time I tested it. Scared the hell out of one of my
partners who has the 200HP AWD Laser, since he had ridden in my car before
the mod, and wasn't expecting it! Now he's got the tuning bug for his car.
Can't comment on top speed, since I would hit the speed limiter with the
stock ECU. 
With the IA3 and flat K&N filter, yesterday, at 6AM on the "Bolton Flats"  I
think I shifted from 4th at 6300 and ~115MPH and got to 140MPH before the end
of the flats had me slow back down. (honest, no traffic, no moose!) I
certainly wasn't at more than ~5300RPM, but I had my attention DOWN THE ROAD
thankyou, so can't exactly say. I don't think there's any more left, unless I
go downhill. I don't have data on the stock top speed since the stats say
"speed limited to 130 in the USA."
And yes, I did take to heart the fellow listers end quote "Speed doesn't
kill, speed differential does."
  No, I don't do this daily. Yes, I have Zrated tires. Yes, I have a
Valentine One. Yes, I know several police officers (from my job, not from the
No, I don't have a bailbondsman's card in my wallet. No, I don't 4 wheel
drift my corners(damn hard on the new tires!). No, I do not terrorize the
public/tailgate/weave.Yes, I drive the speed limit in all towns (25-40
limits), but forgetaboutit on the open road, except in prime moose/deer crash

(temporarily) Anonymous
'93 S4sIA3