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John Karasaki wrote:
> At 03:36 PM 4/18/96 CST, you wrote:
> >     Hi again,
> >     So far I have requests from the following people:
> >     Chris Semple
> >     John Karasaki
> >     Tim Reilley
> >     and one other person that I unfortunatly lost his email.
> >
> >     I need to who in fact is going to purchase a set and when you would
> >     like to do so.
> >
> >     To those of you above, do you still want the Delrin subframe bushings,
> >     and do you want a complete set or just one end.
> >
> >     Let me know as soon as it's feasible,
> >     Thank-you,
> >     Todd Candey.
> >
> Todd,
> $320 is pretty steep, especially with all the problems our other cars are
> having now (see my recent cries for help).  How easy are the subframe
> bushings to replace?  Is there an easy way to check the condition of my
> existing bushings?  Or do I assume they're bad because the TQC has 135k
> miles on the original bushings?
> I promised myself that the TQC would be the money pit toy I've always
> wanted.  However, in the past year, I've spent in excess of $30k aquiring
> and maintaining our 3 primary vehicles.  Yes that's small potatoes for some
> (especially those who bought their Audis brand new for cash), but it only
> hasn't been a drain on my marriage because the cars were running great!
> They're not now so it'll be hard for me to openly buy the bushings (like buy
> them without telling Liesl) when the tranny is dead in our wagon!
> If Eric says this is a "must buy" component, that it will transform the
> handling of my TQC, then sign me up.  Otherwise, I'll have to pass.
> Thanks for the effort.
> Regards,
> John Karasaki
> The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles
> 1981 Coupe
> 1982 TQC
> 1984 5000S Wagon
> 1990 V8

John, at this point it has been almost 3 months since Eric has bothered 
to return a phone call ar email from me about said subject. It looks to 
me like he isn't going to do them, but since I haven't heard from him, I 
don't what the reason is.
I also am contemplating doing them myself, but this time I won't offer 
them up until I have a product in my hands instead of relying on someone 

Todd Candey