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STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> >John, at this point it has been almost 3 months since Eric has bothered
> >to return a phone call ar email from me about said subject. It looks to
> >me like he isn't going to do them, but since I haven't heard from him, I
> >don't what the reason is.
> >I also am contemplating doing them myself, but this time I won't offer
> >them up until I have a product in my hands instead of relying on someone
> >else.
> Well Todd,
> #1 I've been swamped with my real job.
> #2 The machinest has been swamped with orders from MacDac.....
> I'm waiting for the new CNC lathe to be installed and then he's buzzing
> off a run.....
Funny, you told me that you had given a subframe to the machinist and he 
was ready to go "anytime"
> Funny I never seem to remember you giving me a count....
I gave you a count, a portion of it is in the previous email!

... You also
> did'nt seem that interested once you heard a tenative price.....
  The price aside, I knew I was interested 'cause you offered to sell me 
my set at cost for handleing shipping and payment for all of the people 
who wanted a set.               
> Eric Fletcher