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Re: Unlabelled Gauge markings

     >Now yours sits at 60C?  Anybody else?  Linus?  Peter?  Mike?
     >We're in the same weather here in Seattle,  What oil temp do
     >you see?
     When I bought my V8 last March, the guage never rose above its lowest 
     setting of 60C and I thought it might be broken.  (Owners manual 
     claims 100C is normal!)  As warmer weather arrived, it rises slightly 
     higher. (Boston area.)  At Watkins Glen, it easily hit the 100C mark.  
     ("Normal" seems to mean to continuously run your engine at 4500-6500 
     rpm under hard accelleration.)  I don't think 100C would ever be 
     normal on the street, except maybe in Germany (or Montana?).
     (100C number is a SWAG while sitting at my desk.  It's the very middle 
     of the guage, whatever that number is.  I remember thinking it wasn't 
     much hotter than my 'vette's normal street driving oil temp of around 
     Jack Rich