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A4 tires & rims for sale!

Hey there,
   Hi listers, I have been out of town for the last couple of weeks and
wanted to re-offer my wheels and tires for sale.  The stock rims have 14,000
miles on 'em with a set of 205-55/16 Pirelli P7000 Super Sport tires with
about 1500 miles total.  I would like to get about $1000 bucks for the set
(split shipping). 
       I also have the stock tires (the 205-55/16 Goodyears)  taking up space
in my garage, these tires have 12,500 miles on them, I would like about
$180-$200 bucks for the set (split shipping).   There, thats the deal, if you
are interested drop me a note.
    thanks alot!!
          '96 A4q