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Re: Springs & Things

> 2)  How can you tell when your coil springs are done? I have had many
> 4-wheel alignments after renewing the suspension and only when the
> alignment was set way off-spec did the unnatural tire wear disappear. Since
> I've changed all the usual things (shocks, bushings, wheel bearings, strut
> bearings, tie rod ends, ball joints, etc.) does this indicate a coil spring
> problem? There doesn't seem to be anything left but coils.

I don't think springs go bad very often. What air pressure are you using in your
tires? I use to always use 32/30 (front/rear) on my 87 5KSQ, some listers
suggested using about 35 psi all around for my 91 200q with new Dunlop D60's.

I went back and put 35 psi in the '87, rides nicer, handles better, tracks
straighter, I'm sure it will get better mileage, and I bet the tires will wear a
lot better.

91 200q

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