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Re: S4 max speed

Jonathan asks:
> So I got the post that a 10V 5000TQ gets to at least 145, and uphill at that!
> If there something I should check if my IA3 S4 barely gets to 140? I will
> check that there's no play in the throttle cable (as per an earlier post),
> but anything else? The aftermarket boost gauge died and a new one (VDO) is

howsabout the RPM limiter? (supposed to be a connector beneath the ECU that
you unplug and leave that way - not sure which) I understand it to be the
decode between US | Euro for the ECU anyway.

you _should_ see more than that with your S4... My BMW has done better than
that with _luggage_, although I haven't visited that realm _yet_ in our S6W

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