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Re: Unlabelled Gauge markings

In town, so long as I'm not stuck in traffic, mine runs mostly between the
60c mark and the next unlabelled mark.  On the freeway, mine runs between
that 2nd unlabelled mark and the 130C mark.  I run Mobil 1, 15w-50 year
round.  I note that the owner's manual comments on not accelerating under
full load if the needle is "around" 60C--in most short driving, it barely
budges off that !

When one of the Corrados first came out (don't recall if it was the G60 or
the VR6), R&T magazine commented on high oil temps--I recall 230-255F!  The
response from the VW engineers was that was by design--more efficient and
cleaner burning.  

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