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Re: S4 max speed

Steve Powers wrote:
> Jonathan asks:
> >
> > So I got the post that a 10V 5000TQ gets to at least 145, and uphill at that!
> >
> > If there something I should check if my IA3 S4 barely gets to 140? I will
> > check that there's no play in the throttle cable (as per an earlier post),
> > but anything else? The aftermarket boost gauge died and a new one (VDO) is
> howsabout the RPM limiter? (supposed to be a connector beneath the ECU that
> you unplug and leave that way - not sure which) I understand it to be the
> decode between US | Euro for the ECU anyway.
> you _should_ see more than that with your S4... My BMW has done better than
> that with _luggage_, although I haven't visited that realm _yet_ in our S6W
> steve powers ... '95.5 S6 ... '95 620RX/C ... '91 K100RS-16V ... '88 R100S
> spowers@spdg.com * stratos product development group * seattle, washington
> "I must tell you that these are strong Bavarian beer-carrying horses, not
>  the smaller ones of Italy." (Ferdinand Piech)

Re: the 10V 5000T, my dad had an '86 CS.  Right after we bought it and 
checked it out (93k miles on the clock, perfect maintenance 
records...just broken in), I took it for a cruise to the "7-Eleven" 
past midnight.  On I-78 in NJ, through the Watchung Mountains, I saw an 
indicated 135 (just me, myself and I on the road) and it was still 
tugging at max boost, no strain, as smooth as silk when I shut it down.  
I estimate max velocity for that car at a realistic 140-145 mph.  Pretty 
good for 162 horsepower!  Big Barvarian horses indeed. 

The speedometer in that car was dead accurate in the normal ranges he 
drove it, 60-70 mph (my dad is a mileage fanatic and polished the face of 
the trip computer switch).  I told him later, and he was a little 
shocked, but nontheless very impressed with the aerodynamic qualities of 
the car. It consistently got high-30's mileage on long, sedate highway 
trips, too, as I recall.  We sold it after a nice lady in a Biiiig 
Cadillac (70's vintage), destroyed the rear end at a traffic island.  She 
forgot to hit the brakes to stop 5,000 lbs of rolling junkpile. Check 
your mirrors!  Audi headrests will save your neck if adjusted properly. 
The Cadillac looked oddly better after the accident...it was more 
true...somehow...to its nature. 

We still got $1000 for the car (paid $4250), which by then had lived an 
unbelievably hard life, from an Audi mechanic who took the time to fix it 
up for his 17-year-old son.  It's probably still running...

Best Wishes,

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ