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Today's Mt St. Helens get together

Today was the PNW gathering at Mt St Helens.  There were many people there,
and some beautiful Audis.  The highlight for me was taking a ride in Ned's
Beast (tm).  Eliot and I were in the backseat, and Mike (don't know last
name, sorry) was in the front passenger.  Eliot brought along his video
camera, and I had it for most of the run, recording the dash, and part of
the road.  I asked Ned what kind of HP he was pulling today, he thought
somewhere about 380 or so.  We were at 2000 feet, and the air temp was
around 90 or so.  I will say that it was a blast, and damn that thing is
fast, and can reduce the speed VERY quickly.  I am going to try and get the
video of the ride up on the web soon to share it with you all.  I also took
some slides, but those will take a bit longer to get up to the web.  There
were other list memebers there, and they can make their comments on the day
themselves.  I still have a big grin on my face from the ride with Ned.

Oh one other thing.  I blasted my way down I-5, riping around the base of
the mountain, and flew back up I-5 coming home, and my mileage increased to
26MPG, up from about 20-21.  Guess I am going to have to continue to speed
to get better mileage, 'but officer'.

John Eickerman, jke@wolfenet.com              1987 Audi 4000CSquattro
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