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Tires for 4kq


Lst winter was my first with a Quattro (1986-4000cs-quattro), and it was ...well differnt!  I bought all new 
P-600 m/s tires for and they are great in the dry, sand, rain.  But kinda sucked in the snow... just drifted 
along, it helped if I switched the center dif on (number 1-mode) waht would happen is the rear always seemed 
to have more traction, kinda a like a RWD?  When the center dif was locked in it helps quite a bit but the 
dealer I bought it from siad it wasn't good to that dail....only under stuck conditions????  

My questions:

1)I live in Nw-Conn in the hills and waht is a GOOD tire for years round, I can't afford to have two sep. sets 
of tires (space & $) so should I get ???????? brand/size(would like to stick with factory size 195/60-14 i 

2)What are the do's and don't on that selector switch Mode 1 and 2 and when Can I use with killing my AWD??

3)Waht is the torq split front vs rear and why was my car handleing like RWD in the snow???  Since then I 
tested it quite crudely --  In sand I just let her go (4000RPM 1st) and I had two set of roaster tails..  And 
had all four wheels off ground and both sets moved (only the pass side I think???)  

Pleas send Info!!!!!