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Re:.... + 4kQ exhaust systems

At 7:02 PM 7/27/96, Sabutin wrote:

>>--Hi...Thanks for all the help on my '86 4kQ. Next questions...
>> snip...
>>3-Any suggestions about the exhaust system...mufflers, 2.5 or 2.25 cat-back
>>systems, etc.?

>Then jke@wolfenet.com (John Eickerman) wrote:
>I put on a pretty much stock exhaust in the back last year.  It keeps the
>car quiet, and some people say to go stock as it is pretty good, and other
>say the exhaust can be improved.  I wanted to keep the low end grunt, that
>is why I kept the stock set-up.  I believe that with a freer flowing
>exhaust, your power is pushed up even further in the power band.

I would have to say emphatically that the reverse is true.  On two cars, my
'87 CGT and my previous '83 GTI, having a freer flowing exhaust definitely
increased low end grunt very noticeably.  Just my $.02 worth...

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 CGT 2.3