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RE: Audi 200 turbo quattros

 At 03:41 PM 7/28/96 -0500, you wrote:
>On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, PAT MARTIN wrote:
I am looking into an exhaust called a Scorpion Exhaust System. I have an 88
'80 quattro and they make one for virtually all Audi's. I called up and the
one for my car is 249$.
A friend of mine has one on a 4kQ and didn't complain about it. The company
says it added something like 10-12 or 15 horsepower.
THe place is called Total Audi performance. Phone number: (352)628-AUDI,
they also have like total ferrari performance. I forgot there www address.
giv ethem a call for more info.

>> I have to correct you on a couple of points.  A CUSTOM 2 1/2" exhaust system 
>> will set you back less than $360 and if that gives you ~5-10 hp.  There are 
>> also very inexpensive tuning tricks to get you 5 here or 5 there.  K&N might 
>> give you ~7 and a wastegate mods might give you anouther 10-20hp.  
>> So what does that add up to.  400 for the exhoust, ~40 for the K&N,  ~60?
>> the wastgate mods(high end).  So if we take a conservitive # of 25 hp gained 
>> than a second might be in reach depending on where the power came in for a 
>> little less than 500. There are probably other routes to go that are more 
>> effective but I dont own a 200 so I cant tell you.
>> Pat Martin
>I don't know about 25 hp being able to produce reduction of a second in
>the 0-60 time.  Especially when you consider the fact that the quicker 
>your car is the hp needed to make a time reduction of a second is
>proportional.  I.E. - the hp gain need to go 0-60 in 9 instead of 10
>secs is less than the one needed to for the difference in the 6.5 to
>5.5 sec reduction.
>I do understand what you say about the gain, it isn't exactly how much,
>but as well the improvement to the powerband.
>I don't know where you are buying your 2 1/2" custom exhaust, but I have
>a feeling that it is going to be more than that.  I had a exhaust put
>on my Audi 4000S Quattro in '92, and the least expensive was $440.  This
>was at a place that bent their own pipe, and wasn't a custom performance,
>just a plain exhaust.  Audi wanted $900 for the system, everyone else was
>about $600, like I said, this wasn't a performance oriented application,
>either.  If you go to a shop that specializes in custom performance
>exhaust you are going to pay a considerable amount more.  I honestly
>wouldn't even trust a shop that told me that they were going to put a
>custom performance exhaust on for $360, I would get the impression that
>they don't know what they are doing.
>I am somewhat familiar with the aftermarket world for turbocharged cars.
>It isn't cheap.  If you are getting things cheap I wouldn't trust them.
>Engines are too expensive to be putting questionable equipment on them.
>I just ordered a mechanical valve controller for my '88 323 GTX, but don't
>plan on leaving it on for too long, for I plan on getting a more reliable
>electronic boost controller from HKS or GReddy in the not too distant
>future.  (We're talking $80 versus low $900s)  The electronic ones give
>you more control, and you don't have to worry about them locking your
>wastegate shut/open as much on a failure.  I have put a air/fuel monitor
>in and am putting a boost gauge in with the mechanical valve controller,
>I believe in putting in safety items that will give me a warning prior to
>my engine going south.  I also will get a exhaust gas temp gauge and a
>few other things as hp goes up.  
>I don't dispute that you can't do some impressive things with a Audi,
>but what some people have claimed does seem just a little bit ridiculous.
>The numbers that I have been getting from people in e-mails indicate
>that the 200TQ does 0-60 in the high 6 to low seven second range, with
>the q/m in the mid to low 15 sec range.  I look into aftermarket equipment
>all the time, and follow improvements with a particular interest since
>both of my vehicles are turbocharged.  When someone tells me they are
>going to knock off TWO seconds in the q/m with a chip I'm going to tell
>them they are full of it.  If the most reliable shops can't do it with
>custom chips, I won't believe a chip manufacturer like Superchips can
>I still really don't think that the $500 is reasonable for the hp
>increase needed in the mid 6 sec to mid 5 sec reduction in acceleration.