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Lingering troubles with recent blower repair

        Okay so I used Erics\Frank's procedure to replace the AC blower in the
200q. No problems with that.. the blower works fine. In the procedure it
dictates that the upper radiator hose be removed to avoid creating a mess in
the bay between the engine firewall and the cockpit firewall. That had it's
intended affect.. only a little bit of the coolant dribbled out of the heater
core antifreeze provider and recovery hoses. 
        I put humpty-dumpty back together again.. but I think I don't know how
to correctly top off/bleed the antifreeze. Since the repair.. the coolant
symbol has flashed on the LCD computer. I realized that I dumped ~1 quart or so
of the ethylene glycol stuff onto the tarmac from the upper radiator hose. I
figured that when I reattached the hoses I would have an air bubble in there. I
figured that the air would probably dribble out of the reservoir container.
I topped that off from the reservoir/ expansion thing and thought all was well. 
Apparently not. SO.. what's the correct procedure? Is there a bleeder valve
hiding somewhere where I don't know or what? How come there is no radiator fill
cap like in most other cars? Is it hiding underneath the plastic panel that
sits in the engine bay just behind the left (driver side) headlight? I could
fingure that out pretty quick.. but the idea just dawned on me. When I've
watched a mechanic top off antifreeze in other cars, they open up the radiator
cap (usually either on the upper radiator hose or on the radiator itself)..
fill as the engine is running.. from dead cold.. and then piss a bit out of the
bleeder valve. Any help would be very appreciated.
       BTW.... as a completely aside question.. I noticed   something (one of
many that puzzle me) in the engine bay. Pop open the hood.. look at either
side of the car right near the headlamps. Stamped into the steel is a symbol
the shape of a car. It has arrows pointing to the nose of the car from both top
and bottom. What the heck is that supposed to mean? My first guess.. being
exhausted mind you.. was that hans the Audi panel stamper thought it would be
funny to put a car shape into it. Then I thought .... no... this is like one
of those shopping mall maps.. it means "You are here!" It can't be for the
assembly workers telling them where to put the panel can it? If that's the
case.. was assembling the car alot like "Paint-by-Numbers?"
                                     _Osman 89 200Q