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Followup: BMW Pressure Accumulator on an '88 Audi 5000TQW?

Thanks to all who replied to my request for information regarding the
use of a less-expensive BMW pressure accumulator in my '88 5KCSTQW. 

I stopped by the BMW parts shop on Friday and took a look at it; the BMW
"bomb" is quite different than the part on my Audi.  It appears to be 
a nitrogen tank only, no hydraulics.  (Looks more like a toilet tank float
than a "WWII German hand grenade"!). The parts guy told me that he sells
a lot of these for Audi Coupe applications; follow-up postings to the 
list suggest that it can be made to work in Coupes.

Given that at least some (more than I'm willing to mess with) modifications
would be needed to make the BMW substitution work in my car,  it looks 
like I'll once again bite the bullet, open my wallet, and buy the 
genuine Audi replacement.  Of the four places I checked, Blaufergnugen
had the best price ($249).

When I'm done with this, the only part of my Wagon's hydraulic system 
that will not have been replaced since the beginning of last year will
be the fluid reservoir!  Do newer Audis have more robust hydraulics?

-Greg Anderson
 '88 5KCSTQW
 '75 BMW 3.0SI