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Oil Pressure Idiot Light

HELP!  Yesterday afternoon while driving in Oakland, CA my oil pressure 
idiot light came on.  BTW this is an '84 GT Coupe (Audi type).  I 
stopped and checked the oil and it was topped off.  Unable to find 
anyplace to get any help, I decided to do the dumb thing and drive the 
car until some symptom other than the light appeared.  Well the good 
part is that I was able to drop my passengers off in SF and then drive 
to my home in San Jose!  Probably a total of 75 miles.  The bad part is 
that I still have no idea what went wrong.  I changed the oil and 
filter when I returned home, hoping that something was plugged up, but 
that did not make any difference.  Any serious suggestions as to what 
to look for?

Gerry Haney
'83 TQC
'85 GT Cpe