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Re: Low boost and 91 200Q timing belt

Mike Miller wrote....

Well, I finally got my crankcase breather hose from Linda and got it 
installed. Not too bad a job, but not real easy to get the rear hose plugged 
back in. Bad news is - it made absolutely no difference in my turbo boost. I 
am still at 1.4 bar max. All hoses look good. I can pull the dipstick out and 
open the oil fill cap and the engine just continues its smooth idle. Anyone 
got any more ideas.??


It sounds like you still have a vacuum leak.  To check mine for leaks,
I took the intake hose off of the air filter box, stuck my mouth into
it and blew into the hose to pressurize the intake system.  You should
not hear any leaking air or feel low resistance.  If you do, there's a
leak.  Not the most sanitary thing to do, but it works.  

I also had a max boost of 1.4 until I fixed that hose which runs to
the bypass valve.  It runs behind the heat shield near the turbo and
looked like it got incinerated.

Good hunting!

John Mallick
'91 200q