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Re[2]: Antenna FM/CB

     Thanks for the suggestion Dan but the problem is that I have a Coupe 
     and there really is no way to route a cable to the exterior without 
     drilling(Refuse to do) and I can't imagine where I would mount the 
     K40.  But I will use this on my fiances Saturn SL4.
     A few years ago I heard about a converter for an FM antenna that would 
     pull in CB traffic.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Re: Antenna FM/CB
Author:  Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net> at Internet
Date:    7/29/96 10:30 AM

>      I would like to install a CB in my Audi.  However, I don't want a big 
>      ugly whip antenna on my car.  Does anyone know of a CB antenna that is 
>      hidden?  Or is there a converter to allow the Fuba antenna to work as 
>      a CB antenna?  
CB man here.  Can't go wrong with a K40 antenna.  The base and whip 
come apart with a twist of the wrist, and you can just install 
the whip when you need it.  All that is left is a 1" high black 
round mount on the trunk lid, hardly noticable.
>      This is basically for car-to-car communications.  A cell phone is 
>      really not an option.  I drive in an area where if you leave it on, 
>      someone steals your freq and makes $10,000 worth of calls to the 
>      Dominican Republic!  I already own 2 CBs from my racing days and 
>      figure it is a good cheap solution.
If all you want is car to car, you can even use the antenna inside the 
car, or there is a splitter that will let you use your radio antenna. 
But I would recommend the K40 as a good solution that will let you 
talk a lot further away than 1-2 car lengths!
| Dan |