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Re: Unlabelled Gauge markings

At 02:32 07/26/96 +0000, you wrote:
>>It depends on how it is calibrated, but it is somewhat linear I would imagine,
>>making your assumption correct. BTW, it's degrees C, not F.
>Yes, C, I said that, right?  Umm... I guess I wasn't that clear.  
>I'm assuming the mark that's between 60C and 130C is 95C, 
>which translates (I think) to 203F.  I was doing the translation
>to compare it with my other car, whose VDO gauge is in F.  
>That car, by the way, usually floats between 180F & 210F
>unless I'm heading up a long mountain pass, then I think
>I've seen it get as high as 225 or so, which makes me paranoid
>as heck.  Oh, well.  Although the 180F -210F on the Mazda

Ah shucks.  The oil isn't even begining to thin out yet.
Particularly if you are using Mobil 1.
I used to pilot a 300SL MB (Remember the flying doors?)
The oil temp gauge went from 110 to 250 deg F with a very small red zone AFTER
the 250 mark.  And this took into consideration that oils available when
that car
was designed were very much poorer that what you are running.  Don't fret,
get out
there and REALLY mash on it.  When Mobil 1 first came out about 20 years ago,
it was ONLY available in 5W 20.  Porsche drivers used it regularly, because
they had
no oil pressure gauges to scare the absolute hell out of them.  But they didn't 
break.  I would run 3 qts of 20/40 to 1 quart 10-30.  Works great in my 200
As the seasons change, and as required, I add 1 quart of the thicker or
thinner oil 
to keep the same oil pressure at max temp for the season.
Coop, '91 200 TQ20V Avant

>does come pretty close to the 203F on the Quattro if I've
>done the math right.  OK, if my HP 32sII has done the math
>Now yours sits at 60C?  Anybody else?  Linus?  Peter?  Mike?
>We're in the same weather here in Seattle,  What oil temp do
>you see?
>By the way, I run Mobil 1 10w30 in the winter and currently am 
>running 15w50.  I thought that was more in line with the owners' 
>manual.  I'll have to double-check that when I get down to the 
>    -Eric Harman (ericha@wrq.com)
>    '91 200 Quattro (for sale), '90 Mazda 626 Touring Sedan GT
>       Just saw an ad. for a red '93 Maxima SE w/ 57K miles and a 
>       5-speed.  Sounds perfect except for the miles.