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Re: Oil changes

Ti Kan wrote:
> John W. Seitz writes:
> > On my 864kq with 148k miles on it, any problems with this change?  I
> > have only had the oil changed at 3000/3500 mile spots, with reg Castrol
> > with a Mann oil filter (also switch to Fram? -- How good is the MANN?)
> I would stay with the Mann filter.  They are vastly superior to the
> Fram units.  Mann (and Mahle) makes the OEM Audi filter.
> -Ti

And as an added plus, I can buy the Mahle from Halsey Imports in
Portland for ~$2.29 ea.  (Please don't quote on the price, I can't
remember exactly, and that is a bulk price for buying 10 at a time.  But
with 5 using the same filter . . . )

They also will break the same deal on the W7DTC plugs, ~$2.75 in
multiples of 10 rather than thier usual price of $3.05 ea.


'85 Coupe GT
Welches, OR

Gary G. Erickson
Business Solution Integrators, Inc.
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