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Re: Expensive muffler

Last I priced, Car-X was about $300 us for 100 or 5000, but the lifetime 
warranty does not apply to european iron, muffler only.

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996, Solomon Ngan <sngan@alpha.netaccess.on.ca> wrote:
>Hi guys,
>The hanger of the muffler broke on me.  That's no big deal. The big 
>deal is that the exhaust pipe of the muffler hung onto the rear 
>quattro drive coupling.  This burnt out a big hole on the exhaust 
>pipe.  Expensive.  Luckily the coupling does not seem to be damaged, 
>I hope.
>The local muffler shop quoted me $ 675 Canadian fund, ($500 US) for 
>an aftermarket replacement.  I think it is rediculous.  Anyone know 
>where I can buy a muffler at better price than that ?
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