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Re: '88 80 quattro rear fog's

On Sat, 27 Jul 1996, Martin Gruby wrote:

> I have an '88 80 quattro and I don't believe the rear fog lights work.  I
> have never seen them work So I don't know how it should look. With my lights
> on, I push the rear fog button and the light goes on. I go to the back of
> the car and don't notice any difference?? Does it just change the color of
> the light or something for fog, or should another light go on? If so, how do
> I fix it?
One red light to the right of the right rear back-up light should turn on.
It works great in the fog and if you ever have a friend following you turn
it on and they'll always know it is you.  All my friends like this.  Do
BMW's have this, anyone?

Nathan Belo
NW Region Q Club

'88 90 Q