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Re: To all Charlie Smith spring users


You're right about it being a bleed valve.  I asked when I saw the first
post.  If it had been a true regulator, I would have questioned its ability
to preserve the overboost protection.

>> Whisper air control valve by Second Nature (single) #56001      $3.39
>Yesterday afternoon, I bought one of these at the local Petsmart and rigged
>up my own testing system to check it out ... turns out that it's not really
>a regulator but merely a control valve.  As such, it doesn't clamp pressure
>at a given point but bleeds off a fixed percentage.  This effectively means
>the more boost you have, the more timing advance (or less retard, depending
>on how you look at it) you'll get, which sounds backwards to me.

I think this mod is analogous to using a resistive bridge to scale the
output of the transducer.  In this case, the bleed valve is scaling the
input to the transducer.  I would expect this approach would provide a more
aggressive advance curve, with more power but less reserve against
detonation.  See the earlier discussion regarding the bridge vs the Zener

>Has anyone else looked into this yet or have I overlooked something here?
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