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Re: Silicone brake fluid

I seem to recall that Dot5 will not absorb any water, and therefore any
water that get's into the system is free to do its normal, corrosive thing.
I believe Dot5 is only recommended if you flush your fluid very
frequently, much more than the normal flush every other year.  I have never
heard it recommended for street use.

>>> Silicone Dot 5 fluid is about as inert as you can get.  If you
>>> have more specific information as to what will happen, I would be very
>>> interested to know, and what specific materials used in automotive braking
>>> systems it affects. Thanks,
>>I don't know any specifics on how it damages the system; all I know is
>>that it will screw the ABS over time.  Read it in Bentley...
>Silicon Dot 5 is NOT Inert....It can and WILL Corrode your ABS pump and
>calipers. Racers Won't even use this stuff..... If your looking for great
>brake fluid just go to your favorite WMB dealer and get their brake
>juice, or Ate Super Blue. NJTH.
>Eric Fletcher
>St. Louis, MO

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL