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Re: Tires for 4kq

jackr@internet.kronos.com wrote:
>      My owners manual (84 4kq) said to run with the center diff on in slippey
>      conditions such as snow.  There was no maximum speed mentioned for this.
>      I always use my center differetial lock in the snow. The rear
>      differential lock is to be used only if you are stuck.  Pay attention if
>      you are pulling off a snowy road into a plowed parking lot, or from a
>      snowy road onto a main road that is cleared.  I once couldn't turn the
>      car in a cleared parking lot because I had too much traction and the
>      diff locks won't turn off instantly.

>      Jack Rich
>      84 4000 Q
>      88 Corvette convertible
>      90 V8 Q

I've also used the center lock in heavy rain when there are great big 
puddles all over the highway.  And yeah, it's weird when you forget 
and park the car with the diff locked and then the snow melts and you 
can't get out of the parking space because you can't turn the front 
wheels without stalling the engine.  You've gotta rock back and forth 
several times, turning the wheel slightly, to unfasten it. It's sure fun 
to lock both diffs on a big parking lot in fresh, powdery snow and 
pretend you're Hans Stuck and make your girlfriend giggle, though! (just 
watch out for speed bumps!) Owning this car makes me look forward forward 
to bad weather!  That alone is worth the extra effort.

Best Wishes,

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ