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Blower repair leads to coolant troubles cont...

Frank writes:
> you can pee on your driveway if you like but DON'T DUMP YOUR ANTIFREEZE       
> unless it's in a recycling tank.  number one it will end up in my (OUR)       
> groundwater/river/ocean.  number two it is a sweet liquid that animals,       
> pets or maybe children could try and die.                                     
  This is an interesting point. I read, in one of the more popular car mags,
that Ethylene Glycol is readily environmentally degradable. The danger to
groundwater systems is therefore minimal. However since it is highly toxic, the
danger to animals and children.. especially because of it's sweet smell, is
real. I agree that I should be more careful in disposal of the stuff though...
but I felt that the number of small children or pets hanging out in the school
parking lot were minimal. I would really like to get the truth of Ethylene
Glycol's environmental degradability. If anyone has any information regarding
this would you please post it?

> you should top off your coolant in the tank as you correctly guessed.         
> if you removed a quart you probly need to add a quart.  the system is         
> "self bleeding" so if the tank goes down after the thermostat opens, add      
> more coolant.                                                                 

I went down to Barnes and Noble today and read the only available reference on
the matter.... Chilton's guide to import car repair. They recommended running
the car from cold with the expansion tank cap off.. letting the engine warm up
and once the main fan comes on (opening the thermostat) the expansion tank
level will drop and air bubbles will leave the system.... at this point, it
said to top off the tank. 

I tried this procedure and unfortunately ended up spilling coolant, once again,
onto the tarmac. I shut it off before the Q puked up too much of the stuff. You
know if this stuff turns out to be non-biodegradable, I'm going to feel very
bad especially because I have a major concentration in Environmental Sci.. and
will probably go to grad school for it. 

So.. I expected that the blinking LCD Coolant symbol would go away.. but it
didn't. So now what? I suppose it is possible that I connected the heater core
backwards putting the recovery and supply wrongs on the wrong fittings. I tried
the heater though and it worked so I doubt I did that. As I recall.. the hoses
have a definate upper and lower cant to them (from the grommet in the
fire-wall). So.. I don't think that this is the problem. Unless anyone has any
other ideas, I'm going to open up the car again tommorow and check out those
heater core lines. BTW what possible damage could result from reversing the

> the diagrams stamped near the headlights are indicators for the (euro)        
> headlight height adjusters.  these are not necessary with the americandles    
>due to their excellent light dispersion characteristics.                      

 OH! well.. it was pretty funny the other night when we were coming up with
potential purposes for those diagrams. Hey Frank.. Thanks for all your help
                                  -Osman 89 200q (who like some of my previous
girlfriends.. I love and treat right but tend to get mad at me anyway).