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Tire Notes

For those of you interested, I was pursuaded by Eliot and other data to
purchase Dunlop D-60's for my 200 QTW.  They're fairly reasonable (I paid 70$
for 205/60/15 at a local place; you can get 'em for 61 at Tire Rack) in price
and i hope one day to upgrade to 16" wheels, so I didn't want to spend a
fortune. It was those or Yok 509's. 

So I'm driving home on "the world's most beautiful freeway," hwy 280, when I
am highly alarmed by the car's tendency to roll. My pathetic old and worn
Riken's were never like this! In fact, the car felt downright dangerous in
sharp turns. So I pulled over to check the tire pressure. The idiot who
installed the tires had them at 45, 49, 45 and 50 PSI! Unfreakingbelievable.
I shudder to think of those who don't check a mechanic's work.

In any case, I lowered them to 36 PSI, and the car handled much better. The
steering is much quicker and rolling resistance seems slightly better
(probably because it doesn't pull to the right anymore). The sidewalls,
however, do seem softer. There is more body roll, but the car sticks in turns
very well. In fact, no squeal, even through a right hand sweeper with pothole
that bottomed out the front left suspension. Amazingly, despite the jarring
bump, the car steered through it, maintaining line. Pretty amazing for a two
ton wagon.

So hat's off to Audi, once again (god, I love that car) and the Dunlops seem
pretty good, esp. for the price.

'89 200QTW. 22,000 miles in last year