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RE: SCCA classifications/events

     My 84 4kq needs new tires.  I was going to buy new 15" wheels and put 
     a 205/50 tire on it.  However, from the SCCA web pages, it looks like 
     putting the non-stock wheel size on the car moves it out of stock 
     class and into street prepared class.  Is this true?  

Yes. This is true.

Am I stuck with 
     my 14" wheels if I want to compete in SCCA autocrosses and stay out of 
     any advanced classes?   

Yes. You are stuck with the stock 14x6 wheel size and offset.

(I'm a newbie to competitive events.)  If so, 
     does anyone out there recommend a particular 14" tire that is an 
     improvement over the /60 stock aspect ratio?
BFG COMP T/A R1 in 205-55-14 works very nicely indeed.

     I've been to the Watkins Glen and Lime Rock quattro club events (no 
     flames please) the past two years, and I... need.... m'm'more.......
     Any advice on where/how to satiate my need for a speed/g-force fix is 
     also appreciated.  I live in Massachusetts near Boston.
COMSCC runs track events at NHIS in Loudon NH, a true WORLD-CLASS facility - about 1-1.5 hour North of Boston. About $85 per track day. Next event is THIS weekend, time trials on Sat and competition on Sun, 8/3 and 8/4. This event is likely sold out but you might get in on the wait list. Call Cathy Clark at 207-883-6763 for more info. Experienced instructors are available at no additional charge. I'll be running the Autobahn Motors-prepared _Fundsalo Racing_ 4KQ on Sat. $10 buys you a pit pass if you want to spectate. Look fer the #101 84 4KQ with the *CRAPPY* red paint.....