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(Fwd) Re: Tires for 4kq

>----- Forwarded message (Alex Kowalski <akowalsk@shrike.depaul.edu>)
And yeah, it's weird when you forget  
and park the car with the diff locked and then the snow melts and you  
can't get out of the parking space because you can't turn the front  
wheels without stalling the engine.  You've gotta rock back and forth  
several times, turning the wheel slightly, to unfasten it 
  I've never had a problem with any of my Q's (4000,5000,TQC) stalling with
the diffs locked on dry pavement!  If your trying to unlock them I would
suggest just a short trip in reverse then forward, never had rock mine,
though sometimes the lights stay on for a few seconds after the diff have