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Brite single malt Scotch -

On the use of Scotch-brite for "honing" purposes....  The prollum with Scotch
brite is that the structure of the stuff makes that 60 degree crosshatch bore
just a little difficult....  The use of a (yes very lite polishing paper)
'round a dowel can make a very good crosshatch bore with very little effort
and time...  Maybe two runs thru, once clockwise once counter, drawing the
dowel as you turn, can almost copy the factory....  The "hone" is as
important as the "clean"

Helpful honing hint number two would be....  Those of you'se doing the clutch
(this would be the step type), the step specification is .960 to .965....
 below .960 and you can wear the clutch prematurely, and above .965, that bad
boy will spin with any boost mods....  This would be a machine shop job (not
your brake and clutch guy, cuz .010 might be the tightest he could go on
tolerance), if you are to do it at all....  Another job for that left over
polishing paper will do fine if you are withing spec on the flywheel....
 Crosshatch at 60 degrees and reassemble clutch....  I've seen cracked
flywheels cleaned up and reinstalled with no prollums, so that beast is worth
the 29lbs it adds to the back of your motor...

Your always thinkin