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Re: "new" '84 5000S, the ps fluid saga

> Hi Lowell,
> Please stop use brake fluid to fill up the Hydraulic system immediately!!!
> I have tried that, and I can tell you that it's will not stop the rack 
> leaking. Even worse, the brake fluid will ruin your P.S pump! This is 
> what I am now experiencing and my 1 year old p.s pump is half gone now. 
> A week ago, I put some brake fluid in the pentosin reservior and thought it 
> could stop the rack leaking, but after couple of days the pentosin start 
> foaming and all the fluid start spray out from the reservior's cap. I fist 
> thought the system was not bleeding well enough, but it wasn't. I finally 
> knew it's the p.s pump when the power assist gone suddently while I was 
> driving. So, drain all the old fluid NOW and put some clean-new pentosin in.
> Albert

Thanks.  "Fortunately" my system pretty much went into the self draining
mode when the brake fluid was in.  The dealer fluid I put in afterward
restored operation to normal leakage.