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RE: Turbo Exhaust manifolds

Glen Powell writes:
> I've eyeballed em with the two manifolds on the bench side-by-side. The =
> WG location and orientation appeared to be identical. Cannot swear to =
> this with 100% certainty as they combo has still not yet been installed =
> in the ur-q.
... thanks for the update Glen ... I wonder if you and I are the only ones 
interested in this one!  I was concerned after what I was told by someone 
that owns an urQ (an '85) to which I recommended going with the new manifold.
It turns out that I popped a couple of hoods the other night and did a little
comparo ... The orientation of the WGs does look pretty doggone similar after
all!  My original impression was due to the comparative difficulty I had pop-
ping the tops off the WGs to look at springs ... a much easier task on the 
urQ.  I don't know if the engine is mounted closer to the firewall on the '88
5kT or if it is simply to to the extra gizmos mounted on the firewall.  I'll
need to talk to the person that tried to find out what the issue was, but 
to my eyes it looks like a drop in ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)